I needed a whole change of environment. Now, I know what I want in life.

xactly 6 months ago I gave my life a new direction. I stepped on a plane with a one way ticket and I wasn’t thinking of ever going back, literally.

My home is dealing with alcohol problems. My dad is an alcoholic and so is his girlfriend. I lived home for far too long, and just like them I fell back on something to num my feelings. I fapped daily, oh I can still remember the feeling after fapping clearly and I am never going back. I remember all the motivation sucking out of me and becoming a numbed down version of myself. I had sexual thoughts during the day, boners, and it was hard to be myself. Just like an alcoholic has an urge to consume alcohol, so did I to fap. I wan’t anything better than them.

I wanted to stop for a long time. My longest streak was 40 days, but I fell back to fapping. I tried and I tried, nothing worked. I knew I needed a whole change of environment. But it wasn’t until I met a new friend who helped me push myself to chase my dreams. I met Andrea while on a weekend trip to one of the many fantastic European cities. I was on a short NoFap streak. I was able to be totally myself and we talked and talked a lot about life and our dreams in life.

We became amazing friends and whenever I talked about my dream, she said “Do it!”. She’s a book lover and inspired me to read books. I started with “The subtle art of not giving a f*ck”. But soon I continues reading “The 4-hour workweek”, “The $100 startup” and later many more.

But I was still dealing with my fap problem and quitting was really hard. So Andrea helped me develop a plan. The plan is easy. I was going to continue doing my job, sit on my money like a Swiss banker, quit my job after 5 months and go and travel the world. If I fail to do this, I continue to be this w*nker. But if I succeed, I will be forever changed. I will no longer fap, I will have learned a lot about myself and give new direction in my life.

And that is exactly what I did. 5 months later I had a one-way ticket to SE Asia and it have completely changed my life. Not only have I succeeded with NoFap, but I also found myself. I know what I want in life. I have an amazing and understanding girlfriend (not Andrea), and I have amazing plans for my future. This didn’t go without hiccups tho, I still had to go through the whole withdrawal process. It just helps if you are chasing your passion in a better environment.

Happy end. 🤣 JK, life doesn’t work that way. See, there’s a problem. My travel insurance only allowed me to stay outside of my home country for 6 months at a time. So now I am back home, my dad is still having alcohol problems and I don’t know where else to go. All my friends are in foreign countries and I have to stay here until my next flights weeks from now. I can feel urges to fap, but when I think of that numbed down version of me I will not do it. I’m never going back. I might have some people I can turn to until my next flight.

Please do youself a favor. Do not give in to your uges. Being addicted to fapping is the same as being an alcoholic, always ready to get the next shot. I read some posts recently on r/tifu about fapping at work. Seriously? This is what an alcoholic would do, secretly sip on some liquor. Stay strong, everyone can get out of it. You are here, you acknowledged your problem and you want to fix it. Those are amazing steps being made!

TL;DR I was dealing with nofap, saved all my money, quit my job and travelled the world. Now I’m back home and the urges are coming back too, I’m not giving in.

LINK – Today I celebrate 6 months of NoFap! 180 Days streak

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