I no longer sexually objectify women immediately. I am almost never lonely now. Much happier and content in general

Hey peoples, I hope you’re all well. I made an account today to share my story because reading others stories 90 days ago really motivated me, so here goes;

I was never that addicted to porn, on my worst days in recent years i would jerk off like twice in a day if I was hungover. I genuinely didn’t think I had a problem until I found nofap and read up on it. My mind has completely changed. And firstly I don’t blame myself, neither should you, for having become addicted. The internet and technology has moved way too fast for us to have adapted.
But I realised after doing 30 days of nofap that If I was still thinking about watching porn then that had to be an addiction, before I had often used porn as a crutch to fall asleep too.

So that’s a bit of brief background. Now after 90 days I have experienced some fucking profound changes;

  • I am almost never lonely now. Like maybe 1% of the time now. Before it was often, and I think I used women and how often I was with them etc as like a verifier or measure to gauge how lonely I should be. Now I am so much more content being me and staying solitary, I love it.
  • this might sound ridiculous, but the hangovers that I get now ( I drink a fair bit ) are 5-6 times less. Like no headaches or sickness, or even lack of motivation. I still wake up and get shit done. This compared to the crippling hangovers before where I would lie in bed and watch porn all day. That is one of the biggest changes for me. There must be some link between keeping semen and hangovers, I do not doubt it at all.
  • This will also sound ridiculous. I am in my early twenties and before my hair was turning white at a pretty rapid rate. I even went to the doctors like wtf, and they said it might be due to low zinc levels. This was before nofap. I swear to god it has stopped turning white, or at least dramatically slowed. PLUS I looked at one of the things in semen that benefits the body and it’s, you guessed it, zinc.

This doesn’t seem like a coincidence to me.

  • I no longer sexually objectify women immediately, I still know that women can be beautiful and it’s totally ok to sexualize women, they are sexy, but in a loving way.
  • My standards have raised with women. Before I would go on dates, and cater to them, just to take them home even if they weren’t that attractive. I wouldn’t call them out on their shit in dates if they said something offensive or did something I didn’t like, because I didn’t want to ruin my chances.

Now If they do something disrespectful during a date I will openly call them out on it . I respect myself more to the point I am prepared to walk away. They actually love this though, even if you have a few heated moments. It works in your favour.

But now I feel so much less worried or caring about going on dates, I am genuinely happy focusing on my work and life, I am going to keep doing them in the hopes of meeting some positive, great people, but I’m not going to thirst after women below my standards just cause I can’t control my dick. Not anymore.

  • much happier and content in general, I live in a beautiful part of the world, but now it seems even more beautiful .
  • running 14km now, idk if this is nofap cause I’ve always done a shit tonne of exercise, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Trying to get to a half marathon

After all this time I still somehow get tiny urges to watch porn, so I’m going to continue for as long as until that goes away. My next goal is 180 days✌️ I think though you should be careful with the day markers. Because when I reached 90 days I think my mind was like “, ok 90 days is done now you can watch porn “, whereas I want to eradicate porn completely, so I’ll just continue nofap there is not much pressure anymore.

Doing this has completely changed my view of the world and especially of semen, as funny as that sounds. I think there is some serious magic in there that we should not be constantly draining ourselves of.

Stay strong people, meditate, exercise, eat well, find your life passion and purpose, work towards it, be kind, and the world will reward the fucking shit out of you – as Mahatma Gandhi once said

LINK –90 Days hardcore nofap – changes and thoughts

by Tankus