Age 25 – I no longer wake up in the morning feeling like shit

Hey everyone. Discovered pmo when i was 15, im now 25 yo and its been such a long journey battling this addiction out of my life. Fapping to porn really damaged me.

Before embarking on nofap/noporn I was beta, depressed and had terrible anxiety. Pmo caused me so much pain and misery. I woke up one morning and looked myself in the mirror, i was disgusted with myself. No spark, no drive. Just a pathetic loser fapping to other people having sex.

Before this streak i did 100 days and slipped up on 25th of December. Then i got right back on the horse and here we are. I feel renewed, i have a sense of confidence and calmness that i haven’t felt before and most importantly i feel HAPPY. A feeling that everythings gonna be alright. My mind is so clear and my concentration has improved. I no longer wake up in the morning feeling like shit.

The energy i have gained, the alpha feeling that i have, i feel brave and focused. Before this i worked out and took coldshowers. My diet was also healthy but i would blow it all on fapping. My motivation to get shit done is also through the roof. I no longer care about trivial issues. Before i would get upset so quickly. Now even if something or someone angers me, i get over it just as quick.

There are times where i felt like giving up. My mind would rationalise all kinds excuses just to get me to fap. But i kept going i refused to touch it. At some point i gave up the internet and social media for a whole 4 weeks. I was that desperate. I absolutely had to do this. Because porn and masturbation was seriously ruining my life and i couldn’t take it anymore.

Engage yourself in something productive. Go lift some weights, cook, clean, read. Do anything that you love and stop pmo. If theres one thing i have taken from this journey, is that if something is not in your life, you did not want it bad enough. Keep fighting brothers. It may not be easy. But it is so worth it .

When i first started out. My motivation was to get girls. I was tired of blowing nuts on myself and i wanted to be with a girl. Nofap /noporn gave me that push to go out. The testosterone boost you get makes you horny af. You will notice that you start to flirt with girls and you’re not afraid anymore. Shyness literally leaves you and you dont give a fk. Combine that with the benefit of not objectifying women. And you have this mix of masculine energy and love. Feeling is amazing because you just appreciate a woman for who she is. Its no longer my main goal now because i have other goals in mind.

Learn to draw your state from within. If you can do that, you notice that our natural state is joy. Always be feeling good. Urges to look up porn have completely disappeared and i have no interest in fapping. The only urge i get now is for real girls. And even then, im being careful not give my time and attention to the wrong person. I will never puff my chest and say that this is over. This is a daily battle and i will never let my guard down. I hope and wish all the best to you fellow fapstronauts. You were there for me when i most needed you.

Keep fighting kings

LINK – Day 50. Im finally healed from addiction

By Jonllaizer