I really feel like a new person. More comfortable talking with people. More confidence & energy.

Well, first of all I wanna thank God, it hasn’t’ been easy, as many of you know, it’s very hard to deal with all the urges that in this process you come across, but despite those situations I dealt with them, and I am pretty excited about getting this 90 days, I know there’s a long way to walk yet, but today’s happiness nobody can take it off from me. Well I’d like to say that the support many of you guys offered me, helped me a lot, your supporting comments were suitable for each situation I was going through.

I really feel like a new person, though I still feel social anxiety, I think it has decreased, I feel more comfortable talking with people, I feel more confident, I feel more energy.

In this process I have started new habits, reading and working out, just to mention some of them, I hope to keep on this journey successfully.

Thank you all.

LINK – 90 DAYS, I can’t believe it.

by 09 MJACC