Age 33 – I suffered through depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, lazy and being the man without any purpose. It took a toll on my marriage

PMO is an invisible addiction. When you take any other drug, it is tangible, and you can feel the substance being inhaled or consume through your body. On the other side, people have been consuming hours of poisonous porn videos through their eyes in their brains. The industry makes you believe that it is not an addiction since you are just watching. The mind is an intricate part of the body, and it increases specific chemical while watching porn or when you take drugs. Dopamine gets a release in large amounts with any drug, and it can give you the feeling of owning the world. But, when the dopamine is dropped suddenly or unnaturally, you either crave for the same rush, or you get symptoms which are anxiety, depression, self-esteem/image or other mental/physical disorder which your brain cannot figure out that it is associated with the drug craving.

I was addicted to porn, where I would only watch porn whenever I could get my hands on. I did not know any physical/mental symptoms where were associated with it. I suffered through depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, lazy and being the man without any purpose. I could not realize back then that porn is taking over my life and pushing me far away from a healthy life. I was married, and it took a toll on my marriage due to porn addiction. The attention which I was supposed to give to my life and my wife, I was giving to watching porn. I was unable to satisfy my wife because I was imagining all the fantasy during sex, which is a deception, and I had adapted the premature ejaculation issue, which would leave my wife unsatisfied. I miss my wife a lot sometimes, and I sometimes wish that I can rewind my time in the past and make sensible decisions. I looked older than my age, I was living a sedentary lifestyle and always had a hard time making decisions or judgment calls in my life.

I discovered Nofap two years ago and after getting to know the dangerous side-effects associated with porn addiction. I realized why I was living the life I was and why the experience has made me the loser in my loved one eyes. Now, I am on recovery mode, and I have been doing well. I have accomplished many things within two years, things which I could have never imagined. I am improving day by day, and the changes are growing exponentially. It takes time for recovery, and if you abstain from this addiction totally, you start to invest your time on things which matter and they bring success.

LINK – PMO- Deception : Nofap- Success

by lifetime2018