I talk from experience in a marriage. I am learning to love again.

I talk from experience in a marriage. The sex in comparison to abstaining instead of relapsing is almost no competition. The orgasms are stronger, the amount of cum is much larger, the erections are harder.

Do I have your attention? THIS is what you are missing out on and keeping away from your significant other if you are choosing to relapse instead of put all your sexual energy toward that person. Porn has burned into our brain that sex is a performance and love is just some stupid word thrown around in romance novels/movies.

I am learning to love again. I thought I knew what love was, but lust will blind you into thinking you’re in love. Take this journey with me and renew yourself. If you’re single, there’s no better time to prepare yourself for the one you’re searching for. Change your life. Get out of your room, delete all your x rated content, cleanse yourself from the monster of porn and become a new you.

If I, an addict to porn and gaming for over 20 years, can finally begin to make it one week after another, abstaining from those things that have held me back in life for so long, you can too.


Edit: I realized I wrote that wrong in the beginning, sorry for the confusion

LINK – SEX will be better (Trigger Warning)

by Spoko-_-