I use my sexual desire as an energy source

Sometimes I feel like I’ve taken Aderall but without the nasty side effects. I’m also caffeine-free which probably helps.

I get these moments where I can’t wait to text an old friend or write a to-do list in my diary.

I’m a lot more patient and organised when it comes to working out. My willpower around sugary foods is becoming stronger. I can stop to control my emotions to get the best out of any situation.

I can speak up for myself to strangers. I feel like my life is improving each and every day. I feel so blessed and ready to be a man and change the world for the better.

I’m 28 and I kinda fell into it. I would only have a wank once or twice a week so I wasn’t that bad but I went 10 days before I’d realised I’d not had a wank. I basically realised it was because I’d been busy, so I decided to push through to see if I could get through it.

And I have with no effort at all, that is to say I have no desire to touch my own dick or watch porn. The sexual frustration is getting intense (I’m single and I don’t believe in sex before marriage) but I just use it as an energy source. It’s a strange feeling but I like it.

Edit: In hindsight my symptoms were low self esteem and too much self-soothing behaviour.

LINK – After 9 weeks, something I’ve observed

By Insatiable-Curiosity