I wanted to test the scientific benefits


It has been over 30 days that I have not watched porn. And I don’t miss it one bit. I also have not googled naked pictures of women to masturbate on and then ejaculate. After 32 days, I can say the benefits of quitting PMO are true. Some you have already heard, others I have discovered as well. Here are the benefits:


Definitely can confirm to you when you no longer waste time watching porn, looking at pictures of naked women on the Internet, wasting time masturbating and ejaculating, you do have more energy, because you are no longer in front of a computer for hours and hours, which does makes you sluggish and very lazy. Also an increase of testosterone may also play a role.


There was a time I masturbated on porn and naked pictures that it made me feel very isolated and with no motivation to do anything whatsoever. I would have good looking women invite me for cocktail hour, but I was too tired and wanted to stay home ( what a dumb ass I was) But when I quit looking at digital woman on the screen, I was more interested meeting real women in restaurants, bars, grocery stores, shopping centers, hell everywhere because wonderful women are everywhere.


As I said above, when you have more energy and become more outgoing, you have more confidence too when it comes to women. I would see a beautiful woman smiling at me, tell her she looked beautiful in her dress, she had nice eyes, a nice and make a sincere compliment . I would do it with a lot energy and confidence that would turn her on. It could also be the testosterone level that could be the cause of this, for I do believe a man who withholds his sperm inside him for a long time instead of spilling it meaninglessly (e.g. jerking off) his pheromone levels do increase. This woman who is attracted to me, I told her I quit masturbation and porn because I wanted to test the scientific benefits. Strangely this fascinated her and somewhat turned her on…..


I believe those want to quit porn forever and see if they can go without masturbation for a long time, they first must ask themselves what were the reasons that triggered this addiction. You have a deep look at yourself, deep inside, everything that is dark . Are you anxious, depressed, lack self esteem, sexually frustrated,lonely afraid, trying to forget a painful past, not confident in yourself ? You have to ask these questions and more of them, without being ashamed to answer. Because I believe we all have those issues sometimes. By acknowledging this, we discover the tools that can help us overcome this addiction. I had a lot of those feelings I mentioned above that would trigger me to do PMO, and I still have them once in a while; but I also have better days too because I am able to look at myself in the mirror, taking the good with the bad.


Although, I still have some days of anxiety, aggravation , stress, temptations and even some days of mild depression , I no longer rely on porn and masturbation as a form of escapism. Some hot summer days, I see hot women in their 20s, 30s, 40s and even older wearing short shorts, summer dresses, skirts, showing cleavage. This would have triggered a heavy session of PMO, but not anymore, I would say the temptation is temporary and will go away. On some hot nights, I think of my ex girlfriend and other beautiful women that I know naked in their beds in the mood for hot passionate sex. This temptation is painful and pure torture, but it is not eternal. When I have these feelings, cravings and painful thoughts that plagued me, I acknowledge them but also know the temptation is temporary and it will pass. When I am tempted to look at beautiful nude women on the Internet, I look at pictures of puppies instead, sunsets and oceans, anything that calms me. This is how I find my inner peace knowing that nothing is permanent in this life, good and bad.


Okay, this one is still a challenge for me. I’m a light sleeper and would wake up in the middle of the night desiring to make love to a woman. It could also be anxiety as well. In the past, I would masturbate so I could sleep better,but it did not always help. When I decided to start my 30 day challenge, I knew I was going to have these sleepless nights, desiring a naked woman in my bed. It was expected. But since I am self aware as I mentioned above and know that all temptations are temporary, some nights I sleep better than I have in a long time.


We love beautiful women, we love sex, we love them when they are naked. This is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. But to become a slave to these desires is not acceptable. Women are wonderful and can be a great motivation to better yourself, but they should not always be the main reason you better yourself. If you train hard at the gym, read books and get a better job just for the sake of getting laid, you are cheating yourself and leading yourself to deception. So coming back to women, we love them, we desire them and this is usually the reason we sometimes M.O. without the P. or P.M.O. However don’t let this love and desire be the only reason why you strive to become better or become less, use that energy and desire to better yourself for yourself and not for a woman. Ironically in my experience, this discipline gains the attention of wonderful women, which is a bonus.


When you quit P.M.O for over 30 days, you rediscover who you really are. You are a person with many qualities, potential, dreams, aspirations and ambitions as well. You will still have bad days, but know they will not last. You will also have good days and better days too. You will want to accomplish things to better yourself, go to the gym to improve your health and body image, read books to become a better person, have a better perception in life. You will start practicing hobbies that will sharpen your skills. And because of this true self that you become for the sake of your own well being and not for the sake of pleasing others, you will meet real wonderful women for who you really are. You are not a slave of porn, of excessive masturbation and ejaculation, you are better than this, more than this. And you will discover this in time.

So these are the benefits I have felt after 30 days, even though I had some side effects as I mentioned above. I hope I can make it to 60 days, 90 days and a year if possible.

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By Woodcutter74

UPDATE – 60 days and my world has changed for the better.

I have written the benefits one has when they quit porn and masturbation after 30 days. There are still the same when you quit 60 days, but there are more benefits as well.

Here are some you gain when you quit after 60 days:

1) More time: This is a benefit that starts day one when you quit. You have more time and energy when you are not wasting on porn and masturbation. It is time and energy you can use on reading books, working out, seeing friends, doing hobbies, anything that makes you a better person and a happier one too. And this benefit increases after 30 days, 60 days and more because your perception about life, your life situation and yourself changes as well.

2) Your perception of women changes: In the beginning, you will notice a slight increase in your testosterone level. Real women will really turn you on, especially during the summer time.This desire does not disappear when you quit fapping. To desire women is natural and there is nothing wrong with that. However , even though it is natural that beautiful women turn us on, we imagined them naked and want to have sex with them, be mindful of that thought but don’t act out on it. Don’t fantasize having sex with them, because that could lead back to P.M.O. Instead use that desire and energy to do something more creative.

And though women love sex as much as men, they don’t want to be treated like a porn star. I have met many women who have had threesomes , slept with women out of curiosity, but do not expect they will want to have a threesome because they did it in the past. Plus lot of women don’t like it when a guy ejaculates in their faces and a lot of them hate anal sex. Some of these women had ex boyfriends that were rough with them, because they got those ideas watching porn. Another reason for hating porn because it treats women like objects and influences men to mistreat women.

3) You are more mindful and aware of your surroundings: As I hit 60 days yesterday, I decided to spend the day in Old Québec city and read a book on mindfulness. It was a beautiful hot sunny day, with thousands of beautiful women from four corners of the world. Had I not joined NoFap with everything I learned, the first thing I would have done when I got back home, would have been to lock myself in the bathroom and jerk off because of those women. Instead I acknowledge the beauty and desire they stirred in me, but I did not act it out as I would have easily done in the past.. I think it is a great idea to read books on mindfulness , meditation and the philosophy of Buddhism , because when you go cold turkey from porn and masturbation, there are going to be times where you are going to have urges, feel stressed out and have triggers that will make you want to relapse. With mindfulness however, you will be conscious that you will have moments of lust, desire, anxiety, worries, some feelings of depression too. If you have those thoughts, acknowledge them without resigning . Example, let say you see a hot looking woman in real life that triggers sexual desires and makes you fantasize about her , there are two things that could happen: 1) Either you go back home and fap because your mind told you to act out on your feelings 2) Or you can observe your mind instead of identifying yourself according to your mind. You can observe by saying here is a beautiful woman that turns me on and gives me the urge to deplete my energy. When being conscious of that feeling , you will also be conscious that the desire is only temporary and you do not need to act out on it. As for being aware of your surroundings, when you understand yourself better and your environment, you are more aware what can trigger you to relapse, whether it is people or the job, or something else stressful. Once you acknowledge this, you are aware of desire, but do not become a slave to it. You will find inner peace and happiness that will improve your other life aspects.

These are the three things I realized after sixty days, because “real women” will always turn us on instead of digital women, you will always have the urges, even though you quit 30 days, 60 days and more, but it is not a bad thing if you use your thoughts and energy elsewhere, especially in doing something that will make you a better person and a happier one too.