I was a wreck. Now entirely reversed.

I just completed my 90 days without PMO. Back in the past, I felt absolutely horrible. I was masturbating like a mad man, a few times a day. Very often out of boredom. I had big time problems with concentration and motivation. I was completely out of energy. My relationship with family didn’t exist. My relationship with girls and friends didn’t exist. I had pretty much no real passion. Just PMO and games. I was a wreck. I was in a zombie mode.

So, I decided that I don’t want to be like that. I set up a new year’s resolution to finally stop it. I relapsed after a few days but guess what. I didn’t give up. And here I am. Tables have turned. Now everything that I mentioned above is entirely reversed. Having inner harmony, enjoying stuff, no urges, peace of mind and soul good relationship with family, friends even started talking with women and being talked to by them. Also found great passion, which is playing guitar! High level of concentration and motivation to keep on improving.

Because it’s not about hitting 90 days. It’s about changing your mindset, making it a lifestyle and stop counting days.

Wake up. Now. You are worth it. You were made to love and be loved. Not to feel down, shitty and depressed. You are running out of time. Time is ticking. Rise now and be the person you dream of becoming. You deserve it.

P.S. This sub helped me a ton with this journey. Hopefully this post helps someone else in return.


by Victorskiee