I was afraid I’d never recover from PIED, but the reboot worked!

In previous posts I wrote about how PIED was a constant problem for me for years and was really shit in my last relationship. So I discovered here and decided to start my own journey. I lasted just over a month before I relapsed last week but continued on and reset the counter.

Last weekend I slept with someone and not only was I able to stay hard, I even finished almost too quick, and yet I was over the moon. I trusted that the advice and reassurance on this sub was for real but I still had fear in the back of my mind that I would never get over the issue, that over ten years of constant daily PMO was too damaging, but it wasn’t.

So thanks to everyone on this sub for the encouragement. I will definitely stick around and try and help in the same way.

LINK – It worked – thank you

By – u/amccandy