I was always shy and insecure with girls…till now

I’ve heard about NoFap first time sometimes last year and I started practicing it actively this year. First I had a good streak from Jan 5th to June 23rd, then from June 24th till August 1st and that period was crucial for me.

In that month or so period I was practicing hardcore mode and I was going out almost every night, I made a pause for 2 or 3 days tops. Thing is I was always shy and insecure with girls and I never approached them in person, well…till now.

I was going out with one good friend of mine to some clubs and parties and I just felt this confidence boost all of a sudden and I told him man tonight we are going to approach girls no matter what. That was June 25th. That night we approached 4 girls and they were all so cool and chill despite the fact they where at least solid 9s.

The moment I saw they are interested for talking I just started talking to them about everything like I know them for so long and they were really receptive. That night was really what changed my perceptive towards everything and I immediately thought about past situations and girls I could’ve approached and meet them, but fuck it no regrets only learning. Long story short from that night on till now I’ve met around 20 girls some through friends and I would say 10 of them where from cold approaching.

I am currently on my streak from August 1st and I am not planning to stop guys, I really am confident like never before, my body language is calm and secure and girls notice that. I still have so much to learn about gaming and girls but what I noticed couple of days ago is that I cant stay idle for long like I have too much energy to invest in different things. I want to start my online business now and I actually get angry if I notice that I waste my time on some stupid things or if I didn’t do nothing at all for some period of time during the day.

One other friend who always ask if I have any girl in my life on August 3rd I said come with me and lets meet girls, he stared at me and couldn’t believe I’ve said that. He never approached girls in person but was in a relationship with couple of them. That night I met one gorgeous brunette that was pure 10. You should’ve seen his face during the time I was talking to her. I’ve got her number that night also. Last night we are on couple of drinks at some bar and one girl out of 3 that were next to us kept looking at me all night and every time I catch her she quickly look away :D

I mean just 2 short months ago I was totally different, like some beast inside me woke up and said enough is enough. NoFap what have you done to me :D

If you don’t see any results just keep on pushing, I fucked up my first long streak and nothing happened until I started my second one and just kept believing I am on a right track. Also don’t forget don’t just sit and wait for everything to fall in place for you, little action is also required. Challenge your comfort zone, I know I definitely challenged mine and not even in full effect and I feel great.

Cheers everyone !

LINK-Best summer of my life…

By Mentor23144