I was living in agony. Meditation helped.


I had porn addiction, and I quit after many times. Still felt like shit and thought why I feel like shit? And a friend of mine recommended to attend meditation courses. I was living in agony and realized that besides porn addiction I was drinking way too much alcohol and using way to much ecstasy.

So from now on I feel in control of my life! I do enjoy simple things in life, because all happiness and motivation is now within. Want to say thank you for all /nofap community, because it was the first fundamental stone in becoming a good person!

Now I am going to change my occupation, start entrepreneuring online and work towards my dream travel the world which I almost gave up!

Just dont crave, because when you have an urge many people become crazy by going to porn sites or other similar places to jerk off. So if you have an urge and go to porn sites you fail. If you think “oh I have an urge, please go away” and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger, because you let it grow by thinking you fail.

The truth I realised that we humans are rational, we are not emotional dont let emotions control your life. We have brain so we can say to ourselves “okay it is just a sensation, all sensations have one characteristic. It arises and passes away. I will continue doing what I was doing” or if you want to make practise out of it, just be present.

Good ways of being present is doing something. I.e. sports, reading, working, traveling or in my case meditation. Hope that helps you mate!

Each individual must work hard to evolve, nobody else can do it for you!

LINK – 99 days, feels so good to be alive baby!

By MoreYellow