I’m a 3 year vet at NoFap and here is a list of my benefits

The benefits are starting to show for me as I have recently been on my longest streak ever and it took me this long to do it. I will list them:

  1. An increase in overall energy (regardless of current sleep habits)
  2. Easier to control habitual moods or other temptations in your life (like drugs)
  3. Increased self-appreciation and self-esteem translating into more self-confidence and happiness
  4. Your view of women changes from a sexual object to a normal living being
  5. Developing the understanding that failure is a way living life by learning every step of the way no matter how much or how long you do it
  6. Increase in your immune system (hence your emotions normally are connected to your state of your immune system)
  7. Decrease in social anxiety especially with girls
  8. Increase in sex drive
  9. Focus turns to your goals in life and the progress you wish to fulfill
  10. Edit: I forgot one more: Your body posture improves too

After long enough in fact, I don’t use a counter anymore because my mind is ready for anything thrown at me and I treat this addiction as a daily chore/goal.

I’ve sent this to many people and I see it makes them motivated, so I want to help and if you want to talk, you can send me a message.

LINK – I’m a 3 year vet at NoFap and here is a list of the benefits that I have observed from my experience with this wonderful subreddit. This goes beyond your mentality trust me.

by noteinstein-