I’m a med student…and NoFap isn’t placebo

I had been a porn addict from last 10 years, i was serious addict, to the extent that i used to consume porn daily, some times less and some times weeks would go on in a room and i would be watching extreme porn and masturbating to it. Porn for me was a releif from stress, and i used to be in some sorts of stress always.

Now after knowing the science and relationship between porn and stress and depression i am sure that it was not a genuine stress but the long term affects induced by lots of porn use. Then i got the idea of of NOFAP.

I started research and was greatly convinced. I am a Medical student i understood the facts correctly so the effects i will mention a had are not just PLACEBO. AFTER GETTING the idea of nofap, i started practicing it, i went for 55 days without porn, i did feel some advantages then but again gave up. And all the advantages faded in a few days as i was back to porn and masturbation.

I have a lot to say about the science but i wont, because you can find enough articles on how porn affects out brain. I will just write about myself, how i used to be before and how am i now.

Before starting NoFap

  • i always suffered from depression , stress and social anxiety

  • i would avoid going out because i thought of myself as incapable

  • i would listen to sad songs and cry to them

  • i hated every thing about me

  • i would create imaginary sad scenarios about me and they would make me more sad

  • i would always compare myself to others and felt low and bad about me

  • i would get upset on small things

  • i could never even look at girls with confidence

  • any relation i would fall into was a complete destruction of myself, the mood swings, the emotional pain and feeling of inferiority and insecurity OMG.

  • ALL DAY I WOULD GO UNDER emotional pain, i thought the world is so unjust, i could never enjoy the company of friends, i would agree to what ever i was treated like, never had the courage to stand up and speak for myself.

After 90 days of nofap Today i am a completely changed person from who i was before. Today i have a lot of love and respect for who i am. I treat myself with kindness and respect. I truly like my being. I have got so much stable emotional heath, no mood swings, no sadness, no feeling bad about me . I am, full of confidence and i literally feel girls being attracted to me.

I have an inner sense of pleasure and well being. Some times i try to listen to the same old songs that would make me cry but i don’t get sad any more i even don’t enjoy those sad songs and movies any more.

The best thing i would say is mental clarity and peace, my mind is not disturbed by what people say or think about me. When i truly know that i am a respectable man, then negative comments don’t spoil my mood. I have become socially active and my confidence levels are high.

I had never been so happy and emotionally stable in the past 10 years. I don’t need to look for outer objects or activities to make me happy. I would sit in a room for 3 consecutive days an d still feel happy. I don’t need any ones emotional support i am emotionally stable and happy being just with me.

I wrote this article in order to thanks all the reddit communities who kept me motivated on this path. Thank you so much guys. What ever i am today you guys have a key role in it, sorry if there are any grammar mistakes because English is not my native language.

LINK – 90 days no porn Benefits

by Acanthisitta2194