I’m able to be myself around anyone instead of feeling fake


Wtf I didn’t even know I hit 100 days; the trick is distracting yourself I guess. Woah… [What has changed in your life?] A ton, I have energy. It’s hard to explain, a kind of glow of happiness and motivation. Started to work out and better myself. My acne is just completely gone. I wake up not exhausted but energized. I’m a lot less irritable and more relaxed and at peace.

People take me seriously and respect me a lot more. And I feel like I’m able to be myself around anyone instead of feeling fake.

Also, the whole attraction thing isn’t just a myth, I can speak for that. Girls are actually interested in having me around and want to hang out with me. So much has changed man haha

LINK – 100 days

By MolonLabe234

Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to be a soldier, my mom has an old video clip of me in nothing but a diaper at like 3 or 4 years old running around with a plastic army helmet on my head and using train tracks from a Thomas the Tank Engine playset as pistols.

When I was around 12 I decided I wanted to be a Navy SEAL, going to go to college first but right after I’m going for it, a big commitment I know. And I bet 99% of you will think this is an unrealistic goal and I’m not going to make it but that’s for me to worry about. I struggled with PMO from the very first moment I was old enough to get “excited”. I had my own computer at 9 years old so that’s when I first discovered porn. I’ve been struggling with it since then and I’m turning 16 this august.

Shortly after this year’s valentines day is when I started this streak. What helped me keep this streak is finding my purpose. I had just gone through some shit in my life, I don’t want to get into any detail but it was some hard fucking shit. Basically what I realized is “Hey… If I want to be part of an elite SOF Group, I can’t be feeling sorry for myself and jerking off to pixels on a screen at 3 am in the morning, not taking care of myself and just moping around, during training I’m going to go through the hardest, coldest and relentless training there is.

So since that day whenever I have an urge I remind myself that. I guess the trick is to find your purpose. Why you’re going to do this. And remind yourself somehow of that purpose every time you feel said urge; just find your purpose man. I don’t know if it’ll help you as much as it helped me but it did it for me.

I don’t know if this will help any of you but just felt like sharing my story. Thanks NoFAP!