I’m back to my old self, work a lot, sleep better, had my first boners in months – unbelievable

Hi to all!

It’s late September and I’ve been five months without PMO, in April it was my last one.

The benefits are great: I’m back to my old self, I work a lot, I sleep better and the bad days are slowly going away.

It’s amazing how plastic the brain can be and the way it heals itself.

This week I’ve had my first boners in months, unbelievable! I’m truly happy about it.

The fight is worth the effort, gentlemen. I know I still have a long way to get full recovery, but I want you to know that the good days will come, although you’ll have to get through bad days and much suffering. But in the end, you’ll be happier, stronger, and smarter.

Cheer up and don’t give up.

By Emanuelmdp82

LINK –Five months without PMO: Happier, stronger, smarter.