Porn makes you the NPC (Non Playable Character) that watches others have fun

And yes, what a milestone [1 year] for me! I did it! I’m so freaking proud of myself.

I’m still having 14 years left of Porn addiction to revert and recover from …

This is it, I wanted to cellebrate it here with you guys, thanks for being there, and special thanks for this subreddit r/PornFree and the r/NoFap

You can Ask Me Anything (AMA).

If you want to learn more about my experience and how did I reach 1 year, please continue reading.


My long story short :

  • Discovered Porn at a very young age, in 2006, when I was 13 years old.
  • Due to bad social life with classmates, and bad relationship with parents, I started diving deeper and deeper in Porn as a coping mechanism and a way to escape reality. I’m not mad at myself for that. I’m just sad that I didn’t, or couldn’t, find a healthier coping mechanism, or at least cope using a “less harmful” one.
  • Realised that Porn is ruining my life, unfortunately after 11 years of consumption.
  • Joined r/NoFap in 2017.
  • Started the NoFap journey, decided to do the Hard Mode, but failed several times because I’ve overestimated myself, I’ve decided to grind for a goal that was too big for me, considering how deep the Porn rabbit hole I was in.
  • I’m remembering hitting once 4 months of hard mode, then life happened, relapsed and fell again to the bottom.
  • Meanwhile, I was reading various articles on the web, watching YouTube videos about Porn addiction and learned a lot.
  • I decided to change my mindset, instead of trying to hit a huge goal right from the beginning, and failing because the goal was too big and unrealistic considering my heavy addiction, I’ve decided to lower my expectations, to take it slower, to focus only on a part of the big goal and stick with it (which is quitting Porn first), in order to heal at least a little bit, which may help me afterwards to achieve greater things.
  • few weeks before starting the PornFree journey (few weeks before the date 2019-07-21) I finally found the one thing that motivated me to go this far, this was “THE REALIZATION”, the good enough realization to stop Porn.
  • it was “Porn confuses my brain into believing that what happens in Porn, happens in real life, so whenever I face the real world, I’m being deceived, because My “fake” reality expectations don’t match the “real” world”.
  • This was the right idea for me, the best realization ever, the good enough reason for me to quitting Porn so far, I really still can’t believe that I’ve reached the 1 year PornFree milestone..
  • As being somebody that already had a shitty life, I realized that quitting Porn may let me experience “really” the real world experiences and avoid escaping it.
  • At the end of each day, I’m a Winner, even if I didn’t have a great day. After all, for every day passing without Porn, I know that I’m recovering and I’m a step closer to a better life, that’s for sure, I’m trying to rewire my brain back to normal, after being so hardwired on Porn for so long.
  • Last thing I want to say : Porn is a Beta male thing, it makes you the NPC (the None Playable Character) that watches and hears others have fun in their lives.

Thank you for your attention

LINK – I’m joining the 1 year club

by easy-Ez