I’m more and more light, happy and clearheaded

I feel fucking great. Not JUST cause I haven’t looked at porn. But because of that PLUS every other change that I’ve made after deciding to do NoFap. 2 HUGE things that are CRUCIAL for me, personally: Sobriety – This one’s huge for me. I used to do some heavy drinking/smoking/drugs 9-10 years ago.

Recent years, I would drink and smoke weed still, nothing else, and not too frequently compared to what it used to be, maybe a few times a month. But still, even the one drink I would have that one night, I’d feel the imbalance it would cause to my inner sanctity, my inner peace, my inner stillness that I’ve been trying to achieve since starting NoFap. Keeping completely sober keeps your brain functioning clearly, at a higher frequency (since you’re not dosing yourself with depressants anymore like weed and alcohol), which directly coincides with what we’re trying to achieve w/ NoFap. It’s just most people who still drink and smoke aren’t ready to drop that too, or are too afraid to admit to themselves that it IS affecting them, slowly but surely. I haven’t drank in a month, haven’t smoked in over 2, and I’m more and more light, happy and clearheaded everyday.

Morning Ritual – How you start your day off is huge, and I’m still working to keep consistent with this one, cause this one’s a bitch. But once you get in your groove, then it’s on. Everybody’s needs and schedules are going to be different. I work a 9-6 job, so for me, this means: Waking up at 5:30, making breakfast and lemon/apple cider vinegar for me and my girlfriend while she gets ready for work, do 15-20 minutes of sun salutations, get to the gym by 6:30, work out for an hour, get home and meditate for 20-30 minutes, then get to work. Like I said, everybody’s gonna have different situations (kids, schedules etc.), but no matter what, there’s always room for improving, whether it be going to sleep and waking up a little bit earlier or whatever. Or maybe you don’t feel like you need to do all that, and that’s great, more power to you. Me, I absolutely NEED to do all this if I want to be running at my fullest potential, because without all of the extra work, I feel very, very sub-par.

Hope this helps give some people some insight. Ask me anything, or not. Happy Monday.

Pretty much had a flatline for that chunk of time. Meaning the “magnetism” and high vibrant feeling energy were pretty much gone, or I was scraping for it. You might be feeling pretty down right now cause you just had a wet dream too, which is normal. Semen retention, in my opinion, has a HUGE affect on your energy and “masculine” feelings. Maybe not true for everybody, but with me, hell yeah. I’ve been having sex with my girl almost everyday and I feel the difference in energy compared to when I don’t nut for weeks. But yeah, a lot of people have a flatline for a while around where you’re at. For me, if I hadn’t kept consistent with my yoga/meditation/gym stuff, it would’ve been a lot shittier.

LINK – After 4-5 years, 1st time to 120 days.

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