I’m more confident, calm, centered, and my sexual function has improved


Well first I want to say thanks to everyone who posts on here. Gave me the motivation to stop watch porn and go nofap. Now I’m calm.

Here is some of the benefits/changes I noticed.

  • I’m way more centered. By that I mean, I let the small stuff go way quicker than before. I don’t let people’s actions kill my mood. Easier to brush off and enjoy my day.

  • I’m way more calm in situations. Talking to females … meetings at work … ect. I guess you can say I’m more confident.

  • ED did get better. Able to preform and last longer.

  • workouts seem to be more intense. My energy is there without needing pre workout.

  • I feel more respect whenever I go out. At the store I don’t feel ignored and people tend to be helpful (ex. Stores). Idk maybe I’m overthinking that one.

  • I get most of my day. Able to accomplish more. I’m not trying to find the perfect scene … so I have more time to do other things.

The hard part for me was removing triggers. The females I would follow. Or basically a lot of social media outlets because of the content.

Anyways … thanks to everyone. For the ones who are struggling , don’t give up.

LINK – My Success Story (benefits)

By – u/hhhcjh77

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