I’m a completely new person, happier and kinder

Today is my 101st day of NoFap Challenge. I’m a new, better version of myself and I want to share with uou my story and maybe motivate some of you who battling a similar problem.

I must say it – I was addicted to porn for nearly 8 years, which is terrible.

When it all started and why

In High School, I wanted to be in a relationship. I wasn’t a good-looking guy, but not ugly as well. I tried really hard to talk with girls and asking them to go out for a date or cinema. Every single time girls reject me which hurts so bad.

I know. This is a common situation, but any girl never told me “Hey we don’t match to each other, but you are a nice guy”. They always laughed at me or made other people laugh at me because I wanted to go on a date with them. So, I was mentally destroyed. And my male friends at this time were in relationships. That depressed me even more.

So yeah, I discovered hentai then porn, and of course masturbation. But watching porn wasn’t enough for me. So, I discovered sexting. And then I was lost.

It felt so good sexting with other girls. Sending and receiving pics. Masturbate together and chat about sex.

I destroyed myself and ran away from the real world and real girls.

I used to sext, watch porn or sex cams all weekend long for 8 years even without sleep. I had breaks from it, trying to find a real girlfriend but without any success. Don’t get me wrong if I was dating, I never thought about sex with the girl who is dating me now. I just want to be with someone even without sex.

But even if I dating someone those girls were the same as those from High School – “We can’t be together for no reason”.

So, I stopped dating and came back to fapping, sexting, and watching porn.

Fortunately, a friend of mine wrote to me in December 2020. He told me: “Hey dude, I have to recommend You NoFap. I don’t know if you do this or not (I’ve never told anyone) but it helped me”.

And then I realized how addicted I am, and how I wasted the last 8 years on porn and masturbation. I was crying and wasn’t sleeping for few days realizing what a mess I am. I was in depression thinking about all those dick or nude pics I sent (no face) and all this time I wasted.

But then I started NoFap. I installed an app, and counting had begun.

The first two weeks were terrible. I had an urge to fap or sext so much that I couldn’t focus on anything else, but I survived.

Then a month passed and my mind started to be clean as 8 years ago. Then two months. I was proud and sometimes I had an urge but I didn’t want to waste this challenge.

And now 101 days after. I think clean. I’m much happier and kind to others and I’m a completely new person. I’m writing those words with tears in my eyes. I’m proud of myself and clean.

Porn, sexting, and masturbation don’t have control over me anymore. I must stay strong and never come back to addiction. And I wish the same for all of you.

Stay strong everyone! Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your life, and be the best.

LINK – How NoFap changed my life. Motivation and story

by NewLifer2021