I’m a beast. My dick is healthier. Chronic prostatitis is healed.

30+ years old, married, used to PMO every day for the last 15 years.

This is my first nofap experience – so my goal was no Porn/Masturbation for 60 days.

Motivation: After 10 years in a relationship things haven’t been good lately. I wanted to stop PM to heal my relationship. (I’ve had sex with O:s a few times during this period)

Here’s what Ive learned about myself

  • Loneliness/boredom/depression/challenges in life made me escape from life and PM felt good and I needed the dopamine-rush. I was addicted and had teach my brain to have this behavior to feel better about my life.
  • The first two weeks were awful. The urges, the mental/physical needs made me feel miserable and I had trouble falling asleep. But after a while things started to feel much better.
  • Unfortunately I’ve come to the conclusion that it wasn’t just my masturbation that affected things in my marriage. Me and my partner haven’t had more/better sex just because I stopped PM. I now see the problems more clearly – and things won’t get better if we don’t talk/communicate better. But my nofap-challenge has helped me stop feeling bad about myself in this regard tho. I feel alone in my marriage, and that’s a huge problem.
  • I’ve had a medical condition for 5+ years called prostatitis (basically a inflammation of the prostate-gland), something that hurts so bad on a daily/weekly basis. The doctors told me to have frequent ejaculations. But now I’ve done the opposite, since I stopped masturbating its completely gone – an amazing relief. Just wow!

In short – the good

  1. I’m much more motivated in life I general.
  2. I’m less tired.
  3. I wake up with lots of energy in the morning
  4. I’m like a beast physically know. Seriously, these 2 months have been a real comeback shape-wise. Abs!
  5. My dick is more healthy. Sounds weird but its more red/colored now, it was almost white before. And the skin is thick and less sensitive.
  6. Orgasms after 7-10 of no sex feels amazing.

In short – the bad

  • With no O:s for a long time Ive felt a strange pain in my lower stomach, I’ve read other people experience this as well?
  • I’ve never had any problems with erections – but almost every time me and my partner have had sex last month its been just weird, not hard really strange.

Do I recommend a Nofap-challenge?

Definitely! This has been such a positive change in my life, I feel proud of myself.

Plan going forward:

I’ve decided to quit porn and never go back. I don’t need it.

I want to masturbate, its a nice part of life – but I will do it less frequently. Maybe like once every 5th day or something. It’s like with all things in life, it needs to be a balance.

LINK – Nofap-challenge done – here’s what I’ve learned

by happy08