I’m patient and creative now, started my own business!

Ive been a member since 10th Feb 2018 and some of you may have come accross with my posts.
ive been on NoFap since then (first 100+ hardmode, had sex, another 100 days hardmode and i fap every week or other week since then only using my imagination on real women or past experiences)
Anyhow, NoFap somehow gave me the inspiration and motivation to start-up my own business. its related to digital advertising and especially through Youtube.
I really transmuted my energy

In a couple of days I went from a blank piece of “paper” to designing my own logo, coming up with the template of the website, functions, brand name, figuring out all the processes, finding and editing terms and conditions, connecting paypal accounts etc etc. I was able to solve each problem I came across with! I would have never been so patient and creative if it wasn’t for NoFap.

LINK – NoFap motivated me to start my own business!!

By mgz069