Imagine how Jedi would see, think, and interact with women

I am currently on 270 days without masturbating. However, this journey is much more than just not masturbating: we must change how we look at women and think about sexuality.

The path of retaining is the path of the spiritual aspirant, one must cultivate a more pure mind.

Our whole culture is against us, bombarding us with lustful and sexy images, thoughts, and fantasies as sex sells.

We must become the 1% men who transcend.

Obviously no looking at porn, peeking at a sexy video or image on youtube or reddit, or lustfully staring at girls on social media. But also, no lustful fantasies or thoughts as we fall asleep. No having lustful or pornified thoughts when seeing hot women in real life. No staring at body parts. etc.

Would a Jedi do any of these things?

This is a whole change of consciousness.

We must see women beyond their “meat suits”, but see them as spiritual beings. See their souls.

Imagine how a Jedi would see, think, and interact with women.

Imagine how Buddha, Jesus, or another truly advanced spiritual being you admire would see, think, and interact with women.

If you meditated for 8 hours straight and got into a really clear state of consciousness, how would you see, think, and interact with women?

Next time you see an attractive women, look her in the eyes. See her as another human being, another spiritual being just like you.

Most guys… woman’s physical looks has POWER over them. Don’t be that guy.

Woman have so many deeper levels to them and it’s a sin how the average guy cares so much about the looks to the determent of other aspects of women.

One tip, imagine a “hot” woman as a baby, or as an old lady. See their soul. See who she really is beyond her superficial level.

This said, don’t demonize a woman’s looks. Woman are beautiful, and we can appreciate a woman’s beauty in a pure and non-lustful way. And don’t demonize sexuality, there is healthy sexuality.

However there are so many deeper levels of woman that one must more learn to cherish, appreciate, and recognize on this path of the aspirant. Porn and modern society has trained us to pornify and sexualize everything.

We must purify our minds brothers.

Be like a Jedi.

P.S. One bonus of this practice is having less nocturnal emissions.

P.S.S. Another bonus, big reduction in social anxiety around physically attractive women, because you see them as an equal soul or spiritual being, rather than putting their meat suit on a pedestal. More flow and confidence.


LINK – Have The Eyes Of A Jedi

By GoldJacketLuke