Improved confidence, Reduced social anxiety, Getting things done, Able to cut down on unhealthy appetites


I started my journey on 9th November 2017 not knowing what to expect! But as I kept building my streak & with the support of the people out here who were there for me in my moments of ups & downs (flatline), I felt better, calm, got more things done which I used procrastinate about a lot when I wasn’t on this journey.

I can’t thank enough the men & women out here for their constant support, encouragement, for sharing their struggles & success stories!! It means a lot to me & I really appreciate it!!

The benefits that I’m experiencing:

  • Improved confidence
  • Reduced social anxiety
  • Getting things done!
  • Able to cut down on unhealthy appetites!

Things I would like to improve:

  • Fitness
  • Sleep schedule
  • Focus better on tasks at hand

I think this is just the beginning towards a better life & I hope to continue further as well with the help of this community & my willpower! Cheers & keep going.

LINK – 90 days & beyond : The journey towards betterment !