Increased confidence, better health and immune system, less procrastination, no more being bored, and more true to myself


1001 days! I’m happy to have crossed the 1000 day barrier. I can’t believe it myself. This is my first try. I am doing Standard Challenge, for the ones who want to know. It all started three years ago when I stumbled upon a book called The Porn Trap when I was looking for porn books. I had just read something about making more of the mornings and had been noticing that I spent lots of time on porn.

This book was an eyeopener and got me thinking about my own porn addiction.

On New Years Eve I watched my last porn clip, told myself not to watch porn anymore as a New Year’s resolution, and I embarked on the journey. However, somehow I kept the same dynamic. It wasn’t porn anymore, but I was still MO-ing all the time. Then 1001 days ago I discovered this reddit, and all fell into place. This was the thing I had been looking for all the time: Nofap!

I made my counter and started the journey. No looking back, no turning back. One day at a time. Best decision I’ve made.

I still have a long way to go. I still get urges. I still have lots of personal issues to deal with, but thanks to Nofap I am dealing with them, step by step.

The biggest changes I have noticed: increased confidence, better health and immune system, less procrastination, no more feelings of being bored, and I am more honest and true to myself. It hasn’t been easy, but thanks to this community I have made it this far. So THANK YOU all very much!!

Also a shout out to my accountability partner: Thanks!!

Stay strong everybody!

LINK – 1001 days

By 101dragon