I only wish I could have found this sooner – my life has turned around


  • Increased confidence. You’ll feel a sense of increased confidence especially when talking to the opposite sex. I think P conditions the brain to look at the opposite sex and go straight to a fantasy scenario instead of being grounded in reality. Furthermore, I’ve found eye contact to be way easier whilst on Nofap and it’s a great way to flirt with the opposite sex, to demonstrate confidence, and I used it to overcome my social anxiety.
  • Sex becomes less of a priority and more of an option. I recall this time when I was a couple of weeks into Nofap. I was at a bar talking to this girl having a good time and eventually I went back to her place and we were kissing and shit, but when it came to having sex with her I was indifferent. The night would be perfect either way. So I said that I was too tired and drunk so we just slept next to each other in each others company. The takeaway here is that Nofap gives you control over your own urges and that sex itself does not need to be the priority in every encounter with the opposite sex.
  • More time being productive. I spend zero time playing games and instead focusing on exercise, reading books, meditating, and meeting new people. When I was a fapper I would play games all day, have no social life, poor diet, poor hygiene, low self-esteem etc, but Nofap has seriously changed my life around and I only wish I could have found it sooner.
  • Through the increase of confidence and re-balancing of chemicals, you’ll begin to notice that your emotions are stronger or more sensitive. You’ll become less stressed in stressful situations, more happy in general, and your overall quality of life.
  • Weight loss. I’ve lost a significant amount of body weight through doing my daily morning routine of resistance workout, cold shower, meditation and a protein shake. Some may attribute this to the increased testosterone experienced after 7 days of semen retention but additionally could be a change in diet I’ve experienced from a heavy carbohydrate diet to one focused more on healthy sources of fats and proteins.


  • Loneliness. Sometimes you’ll feel lonely if you don’t have a partner and you can’t use porn to fill that hole (pun intended). The best thing to do is to contact a friend, go for drinks, or something to get you away from accessing P.

My Technique for avoiding relapse:

  • Meditate with 5 second inhale and 5 second exhales. I read “Just Breathe” by Dan Brule and he talked about the importance of breathing in highly stressful situations. The pace in which you inhale and exhale is essential for controlling yourself and calming yourself down. When you’re in this PMO mindset shutdown your computer, close your eyes and do 5 second inhales and exhales until you are relaxed and back in control. On the other hand, you can use a mantra to stop yourself such as “don’t fap” or just a simple “no”.
  • You need to find out what your triggers are. Do you watch porn when you’re lonely? At night in bed? Late at night? These are questions you need to answer in order to overcome this addiction. Once you’ve found those answers, Nofap becomes way easier.

Thank you for reading. Keep at it.

LINK – 90 days of Nofap

by djames09