Increased confidence & motivation, Better mood, Less stress & anxiety, Appreciation of life

I have finally made it to the iconic 90 day mark. Here are some of the things I noticed have changed on my journey.

-Increased confidence

-Better mood generally

-Better self control

-Lots of motivation

-More so acting like myself

-Less stress and anxiety


-Music sounds amazing

-Appreciation to small things in life

-Feel emotions more intensely

-Social anxiety is very limited

-Girls are definitely more attracted to me

-Feel like my life is worth something

-More happy days then bad

-Having bad days are much smaller in time length and in intensity

-Better understanding of life

-Realizing girls are more than sex lol you appreciate the whole thing

-Clear minded

If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them. Time to to keep pushing forward!

LINK – 90 DAYS. My experience

by Kruman360