It was like taking the blinders off, I feel so much HAPPIER


For six years, I was addicted to masturbation. The addiction got increasingly worse. I found myself seeking out increasingly messed up stuff, and going to greater lengths to feeding this addiction. Doing it in school bathrooms, doing it instead of sleeping, etc.

It made me complacent. I never had a desire to truly improve my situation because I could always just get some quick, cheap relief by jacking off.

I was trying NoFap for about two years with varying levels of success, but last year in August, I made a permanent decision to cut it out. It was like taking the blinders off. I was neglecting my personal improvement for this bullshit. I could barely even talk or look a girl in the eyes, it made me uncomfortable. I didn’t make much of an effort to forge any real friendships. I was complacent just jacking off and not doing anything to improve my situation.

Ever since I had the conviction to cut it out in August, I’ve been so much more confident in my interactions with people. I feel so much HAPPIER by just simple things like going outside or petting a dog, etc. just beautiful things in life I used to be numb to, because I was wasting all my energy doing this fapping bullshit.

It gets better, please hang in there.

LINK – Almost at 10 months of NoFap. It gets better, please hang in there.

by CampStockholding