I’ve changed a lot in 6 months

I. Before NoFap I got to know “NoFap” thanks to NoNutNovember of November 2019 Before November 2019 Before knowing this event, I tried as best I could to stop this addiction which was destroying my brain, I did not take long without plunging back into this addiction. I lasted for a maximum of 5 days, but I fell back into it during the weekend. Little one little by little, I managed to last 2 weeks, then three and I fell back, but I did not give up.

Why was I falling? Because of a folder containing pornographic content that I dared not delete. I thought I could use it again one day…

November 2019

I got to know NNN after its debut, it seems to me 10 days after it started, of course I had already fallen dozens of times, but I continued to move forward. December-March 2019-2020. Stopping PMO wasn’t my main goal, I just wasn’t trying PMO. Monday – Friday: NoFap Saturday – Sunday: PMO

It was my “routine” I wanted of course to stop this damn addiction, I could not. Then, one night when I couldn’t sleep, I stayed on my phone and started to educate myself about semen retention, I found an article, which motivated me, which explained to me all the benefits of NoFap, I was motivated once and for all to defeat this addiction. (I will try to give you the link of the article (it is in French)). However I did not dare to delete the pornographic file, something which prevented me from succeeding NoFap.

March 28, 2020.

I was confined to my house, it was a Saturday, it was 12 o’clock, I was bored and I follow myself say: And if I looked at pornographic images, I would not masturbate, I will not recruit. I relapsed.

April 4, 2020,

At 8:00 p.m. I had made a life-changing decision to delete my pornographic record. I was hesitant at first and deleted it.

II. NoFap

Sunday April 5, 2020.

I got up and started my counter, the days passed. Beginning of June 2020 My country was gradually deconfining itself and schools were opened again. People my age were doing PMO without knowing it was bad, I remember before I started NoFap I had this conversation with two friends of mine: “Are you masturbating?” I replied: “Yes.”

They laughed at me, I looked at them weird, they said they never masturbated, I didn’t believe them. But today I would say the same words as them: “Me? I quit pornography and masturbation.” In short, my country deconfined itself and I went back to class, I remembered that day, I had to be 2 or 3 months of abstinence. I walked past a group of girls in my class and they shouted my name and complimented me I didn’t care at the time and I kept it natural, I never spoke to the girls in my class I was someone one of shy and reserved. I follow myself put in the sport and it is undoubtedly the best decision that I made with NoFap.

September 2020:

It’s back to school, I see people I haven’t seen for 6 months, I’ve changed a lot.

October 2020 – April 2021:

During this year of NoFap I have changed a lot, I no longer follow shy or reserved, I am much more enduring and strong, I am much happier every day and I am so happy that my brain is no longer prisoner of pornography. , before when I saw a girl, the only thing I thought was to fuck her … Now my mind is clearer, I am more focused, and my brain does not pervert everything I see. My friends are shocked when I tell them the number of days I don’t keep masturbating.

III. The benefits of NoFap

  • A clearer, more innocent, purer mind.

  • A constant joy for trivial things.

  • I make the most of my days, and I want them to last longer

  • I no longer have acne

  • Greater strength and endurance

  • Better concentration

  • I am calmer, I can manage my emotions.

  • Better hearing

  • Better touchdown

  • A better view

  • A better sense of taste and smell

  • Better discipline

  • Better grades

  • I am not tired, even if I sleep only 4 hours.

  • I want more to go out to see my friends or just to get some fresh air.

  • Clearer eyes

  • Stronger hair, which grows back faster.

  • I have the impression that I am the center of interest (women always look at me).

  • I have a bigger appetite and I eat a lot more and gain weight quickly (I am a thin person).

  • My skin is softer

  • I have infinite confidence in myself.

IV. Conclusion NoFap allowed me to change and be the person I dream of being, I am much more disciplined, I take cold showers every morning, I exercise every day, I work more, I always do some thing of my days and I am much more confident. My whole family has noticed these changes

Thank you to the guys on this forum which motivates me every day, and to those who hesitate to go for it, go for it, you won’t regret it, NoFap was the best decision of my life. Good luck to you.

LINK – NoFap: 365 Days – I tell you my story, my journey.

By NaranciaKujoLee