I’ve noticed that my PIED has completely gone now and get morning wood like every morning which i didn’t before

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I can’t believe I made it! I remember 3 months ago thinking how hard this journey is going to be but these past 90 days just flew by. I was in the midst of not only porn addiction but also alcohol, weed, mdma and an array of other substances numbing my brain. Since I started NoFap I have started working out daily as well as yoga and meditation and have been sober for just over a month now. It’s an amazing sense of accomplishment to achieve something like this when you didn’t think you had it in you.

My mental clarity allows me to think clearly, I now think ahead and not give in to the urges as I know I am stronger than that and know it isn’t worth it. Relapse is a terrible feeling and I have experienced that feeling many many times but I now know that I do not want to feel that feeling ever again. The terrible sense of guilt that overwhelms you the next day is not a nice feeling but it took me many mistakes to learn that. Just take it one day at a time, don’t expect things to change instantly, it takes time and effort to get to where you want to be, just in vision your best possible self and take small steps. Success will come but it takes hard work and effort, nothing comes easy!

Don’t get me wrong I still struggle with depression and anxiety on the daily, although since NoFap I have been able to combat this through listening to my inner voice and changing the way I talk to myself. Not listening to that voice that is always in the front of your head but the one behind it deep down that knows what’s best. It’s crazy how your ego can take over and turn you into the worst possible version of yourself.

I thought I’d just let people know how I’ve been these past 90 days. Addiction is a nasty thing and will prevent you from succeeding in life, change your habits today for a better tomorrow!

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Hahah yeah I’ve noticed that my PIED has completely gone now and get morning wood like every morning which i didn’t before. In general my dick just works like its supposed to now ahaha its stronger than ever

LINK – I made it!! 90 Days – my story and experience with NoFap

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