Less angry, calmer, handling stressful situations better, less selfish, look healthier

So just hitting 30 days again no pmo. Now i remember why i was doing this! Getting better every time. Last time was 100 days hoping for life this time.

1) I’m less angry, calmer, handling stressful situations better.

2) Anxiety fading. Spending more time in the gym.

3) Generally getting things done, no longer wasting time.

4) Sleeping so much better, great long dreams.

5) More focus and concentration.

6) No guilt or worries sharing a computer or devices.

7) Losing weight.

8) Skin, face and eyes look healthier.

9) Being less selfish. Thinking of others.

10) Feel better spiritually. Feel like demons are off my back.

Wow all this in 30 days. is pmo ever worth it….. NEVER.

Continue posts like before at 60 90 120 hopefully a full year!

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By JE1980