Less social anxiety, Greater confidence, More girls checking me out, Made more friends

After a painful break up with my ex-fiance last year, I got into a self improvement kick. I bought self help books, lost around 30 lbs, dressing better, grooming better and eventually started to feel better about myself. Then, I had my first hook-up opportunity post breakup, and could not maintain an erection. From this subreddit, and a bit of research, I confirmed this was PIED. I had been PMO-ing twice a night for almost a decade. I was ready to make a change.

Here are some benefits I’ve noticed on NoFap:

  • A major boost in confidence
  • More girls checking me out
  • More present in social situations
  • Made more friends
  • Being invited more often
  • Improved platonic relationships with girls
  • Less social anxiety
  • Can hold a conversation with anyone (pretty girls included)

As far as my PIED goes, I’m not sure if that’s remedied or not. I haven’t had sex since the breakup, and I honestly do not see myself as a 1 night stand kinda guy. I’ll update when my dry spell is over.

It’s worth it, keep going brothers.

LINK – My Experience 90 Days on NoFap

by Hard2ChooseAUsername