Little to no brain fog, Increased confidence, Reduced depression, Social anxiety lowered, Girls depending on me more

I started NoFap in 2018 and it’s been a long and agonizing road . But no success story is complete without a struggle. Many of you may read this post seeking encouragement and I have to say the greatest encouragement for any man or woman doing this is the control you will gain over your mind if you continue to travel down this path. I used to be anxious and depressed, and like many of you fapping was a shield , a wall that suppressed emotions that continuously dwelled upon your mind. I will share my experiences with you and highly encourage you continue NoFap because you are amazing. You the one of the few willing to free your mind.

A few of the benefits I’ve noticed are

  • little to no brain fog
  • increased confidence
  • genuine happiness
  • uncompromisable decision making
  • more optimistic
  • reduced / diminishing depression
  • Social anxiety lowered
  • girls depending on me more
  • more eye contact from opposite sex

the rest will mainly depend from person to person

Some things to look out for

  1. flatlines , these have become rare but some days I feel really sluggish and that’s when you have to be aware of your mental state to decrease the chances of a relapse
  2. confidence , the fight never ends so never lower your guard because it will lead to a relapse
  3. fantasizing , do not mentally relapse , women aren’t objects. NoFap is pointless if you continue to view women in that manner
  4. doing NoFap for desired sex, NoFap is about gaining control over your mind and becoming a better person, it is not about finding love it is about become someone that you can respect and love . Love will come to you if you learn to love yourself and learn how to become happy by yourself. You can’t love someone if you can’t even love yourself.

How to get to 90 days

  1. cold showers
  2. increase mental durability, feels great, personally don’t do them anymore or usually at the end of a warm shower
  3. eating healthy
  4. junk foods make you feel junky and that leads to rash decision making , do regulate yourself
  5. the gym – this one is pretty important , go to the gym it helps give an outlet

You can’t expect to wish a addiction away you simply replace it. Replace fapping with working out, it’ll make you physically fit and assist you in having control over your mind.

Good luck brothers and sisters.

LINK – 90 days

by OfficialHung