Lost 35 pounds, became a lot more confident, turned down the girl who friend-zoned me last year

Last year around this time I was literally going insane chasing after this girl. In hindsight I am cringing really hard at the kind of stuff I would do/say to her. Since I realized she was just leading me on, I stopped talking to her since January. Well gents, much have changed this year. Not only am I now on a 70-day streak, I have lost 35 pounds and just became a lot more confident. Ran into her again yesterday at a social event that I dominated, was joking and laughing with everyone, and she just watched from a corner the whole time. Came up to me afterwards and asked about catching up, I turned her down (realized my standards have changed and she is not good for me, the leading me on part aside) and afterwards she shot me a text asking to hang out, which I gave a bs reason that basically said no. Kinda ironic how tables have turned.

Not sure where I want to go with this, but I just want to bring up that the biggest motivation I had for nofap when I first started was somehow changing my life up, and then getting the girls that were turning me down to somehow “see me differently” and starting dating me. I think that’s a really BS mentality in hindsight, because what you realize is that those people whom you placed on a pedestal pre-nofap are just not deserving of the pedestal you place them on. The focus should always be on yourself and how YOU can improve. I dreamed many times last year of somehow becoming a ton more capable/confident, and then this girl realizes I am the sh*t and comes into my arms…then when it happens I am like hmmmm…I am good lol.

For more on this kind of mentality, really recommend you guys to check out RSDTyler on youtube. Ignore all his pick-up montage/tutorials – though you can also look and learn from those…but they are far less important than his real talks, and listen to some of his stuff on integrity, personal development, and the right mindset to have.

LINK – Turned down a girl I was depressed AF chasing last year (+personal realization)

By QinWarrior1