Lost my virginity! I now know my true sexuality!


I didn’t have ED shockingly! Women are so much more appealing than men…I now know my true sexuality! Thank God, the battle in my brain about that is over. I can now live in [peace]. I remember there was a time I use to cover the c*** when the girl would be giving a bj cos that’s how straight I was.

I remember my friend told me research shows that porn makes u gay. I just started watching P then and was 100% certain I was straight. Now after all these years of watching porn, straight porn wasn’t enough for me. I ended up exploring other categories.

Now I still find women the most beautiful thing in the world and would only wish to settle with a woman but let’s just say my mindset has defo been tampered with.

One thing I’ve notice is that the longer I stay away from porn the more attractive I find women and the less interesting I find homos or trannies. Infact, I rarely watch their vids, even when I use to watch porn, but even then it was when I watched tooo much porn that eventually I couldn’t find anything interesting in the straight section. It got too boring that I was after new material to arouse me.

I know myself well so I don’t pay attention to people who say everyone is gay, you’ve always been gay etc. If by a certain degree you mean you appreciate the beauty of the same sex sometimes I wouldn’t call that bi. There are people out there that find the thought of any sexual activity with the same sex disgusting.

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By ChazerickEnterprises