Lost the V card, started my own business, great gains in the gym

I’ve been meaning to post here for two years. Before nofap I was weak willed, not as respected as I should be, and a virgin.

I then found a summer job where I was surrounded by attractive girls. Initially I did nofap to attract them. I had streaks that lasted about two months each.

What eventually did it for me was having a reason to break the cycle which was stronger than the pull to go back. Initially it was girls, then it became something stronger- simply to let the world have the best version of me.

I went on a streak lasting 500+ days where I lost the V card and laid girls, started my own business, and made great gains in the gym.

I recently relapsed after a chaser effect from sex but I’m now back on a 50+ day streak with no intention of going back.

Guys, just get 2 months done. You’ll see enough change to never have the motivation to go back to those dark places.

Find your reason to win.

LINK – Boy to a Man

By Rkingpin