Love-making with my wife (emphasis on the word “love”) is daily becoming more wonderful

I’m a male who’s over 100 days clean. Much of what you say [about escalating to unfamiliar porn tastes] rings loud bells with me. So I hope it’s ok to contribute to this post?

Just to say two things:

1. Over 100 days away from watching porn similar to what you describe & my life has basically turned round. I feel free and happy & love-making with my wife (emphasis on the word “love”) is daily becoming more wonderful.

2. For me this subreddit has been incredibly helpful & supportive, and one of the most useful things has been signing up to the “Stay Clean” months posting. Also I’ve just signed up to Stay Clean 2019 ( I believe signing up period ends very soon). Practically speaking this has been a very real help to me although I appreciate counting the days “clean” doesn’t work for everyone – it does for me.

Stopping indulging in porn has been one of the best things I’ve done in my life; good luck!

LINK – Female here! First post… Trying to stop this problem before it does any more harm. (See comments)

By iLondontown