Made it through the flatline, and now lots of women look hot


Nofap is a very hard journey and succeeding requires mental fortitude. here is what i experienced:

#1 mood swings

Mood swings… every damned day,week or month. One day you feel great then you feel like shit and sometime you dont know what to feel! One day you will crack jokes and laugh all day. The next you are depressed as hell and want to cry for no reason. Be prepared for the mood swings.

#2 Gaining mental strength

After going trough so many mood swings you develop a certain level of mental strength.

#3 New level of energy.

When you have a good streak and you have a good routine of habits. You will develop a certain level of energy that is just insane. You will have it for days and its almost unlimited. This positive energy attracts people. At this stage you also wont be depressed and its like you are glowing. Some people will even hate on you because the improvements you made physically and spiritually. Too bad i never consistenly feel like this because that would be freaking awesome! haha

#4 Commitment and motivation

You are much more motivated to reach your goals. You commit to them and work on them daily. Feels like i didnt need external motivation anymore. It came from within!

#5 Wet dreams

I had a lot of wet dreams. Some affected me and some did not. But my wet dreams are different. I literally wank it when i am asleep. Sometimes i wake up when doing it and semiconsciously feel it happening. This is the most frustrating thing of nofap in my opinion. I can presevere to depression,sadness and anger but i cant control this horrible sleepwanking habit.

#6 Your standards for women will lower

You dont need that perfect hourglass figure anymore. Anything that has some female features and isnt overly obese will do.

#7 Flatline

Your dick will limp and be dead for several weeks or months. You will feel nothing over there. Also the worst of depressions will happen around this time atleast it did for me. Last time i got this depressed i didnt talk normally for weeks on end.

#8 Mental breakdowns

Sometimes i just blow up and cry. Or had fits of anger for no reason. It is probably my internal self coping with the sadness and anger inside me. Before this i had a tissue and PMO now there is nothing to resort to then just pain and reality. For me its essential to go trough these horrible breakdowns and feel true sadness and anger. Its like dieing from the inside just to resurrect to a new self. Really hard to explain this haha.

On this journey you will meet yourself. And sometimes that will be a harsh reality, but dont give up when that happens! I am not hating against anyone who wants the PMO but just dont use it to deal with your feelings. IT will wreck you badly. being depended on porn is horrible.

The intensity of the mood swings increase over time. So when you feel bad you feel really fucking bad i mean its horrible, i feel lethargic at times and my brain craves that dope rush. But when i feel good man i am trought the roof and shining bright. Its eithr way up or way down with me.

My whole thesis on this is that your body is trying to find a nice balance and to find that balance it keeps going up and down. Best thing is to ride it out. giving in to pmo is just not a answer to my problem.

Keep a busy schedule. Work-out, learn new skills, watch a movie, just dont get bored otherwise the urges will kick in. Keep yourself occupied!

When you are in a downward spiral you may think its not worth it. Like the rest of your life maybe look like a grim story. I also think sometimes like that but deep inside i know that running back to PMO is not the answer to deal with your problems.

Most people think they only have a pmo addiction but its rooted deeper then that. Some People use pmo to deal with their emotions. That will abuse your whole brain to another level.

LINK – 165 days/ My experiences

By TheXRPmurder