Manage your life by taking control of your brain

My life is changing. I understand a lot of things now. I was in a state where i felt no escape from there.I’m not sure about my countdown but i’m going to reach 100 days soon (or i did, i didn’t check). I don’t count anymore ! I have a new count, it’s a scale of prestige. There are grade for each ladder. It’s real hard mode this time. I have not touched my dick since 100 days more or less. But now i count all arousing thing like a relapse. I reset the count every time i have a small relapse (visual relapse). Your brain want to search girls on instagram in the sense of the old addiction (2 seconds or more is a relapse). Your brain want to fall involuntarily on something or on internet to be aroused just a few seconds ? RELAPSE.Physiological part of the game is overcome. Psychological part is harder. You need to learn to feel safe in your life so you need to accept to live it at 100% and play during all the days accepting all the challenge. It’s a total shaft. From Zombie to Player in Game.

I don’t fight anymore my addiction. I focus on my dynamic, my new life. It’s my new life dynamic or nothing (i say no to go in the safe house of the fetish to feel safe, it’s over my friend, fuck the safe house of the monster, if you accept to go in the safe house, you accept to be ill at the same time). I accept the challenge of the life or i take a rest first and then accept the challenge of the life.

Repeating procrastination or don’t accept the challenge of the life (fear) is the reason why you go straigh on the safe house. Don’t do that, accept the challenge and stop procrastination. Trust the universe and the time and the fetish will fade. You will take control of your brain at the same time (meditation and gratitude). And then you will find the escape road.

Stop dream about girls plot, stop netflix and shit like that. Live your plot, live your life.

I keep a diary to share my thinking (in french, it’s my language) on a psychological website. Meditation is my new way to live. Gratitude too. The process aim to grab my mind and to let him know that i want to live my life. Stop dream and go away. “Be there and fight brother. I love you and i will let you know that you deserve a lot of things.” I’m working on self-esteem and then self-confidence. Deep work is a new method to feel satisfaction. You need to take care of your emotion but at the same time to your need. Don’t stop the machine. Happiness is in the action. Deep work without distraction can help your brain to catch the sense of the life (life in society and technology is the opposite of what i say). So i mix all this things to help my brain to be fed with the good things.

Optimist. Learn to control and to correct your thinkings (positive plot instead of negative one). But the best one is the state of flow (deep work). You need to give sense to your brain.

Don’t forget the most important part. Read books, books on life or anything else. Learn to trust the universe. Somethings are sent not TO YOU but FOR YOU.
Accept the challenge and learn lesson from things you find on your life (gratitude help for that). Bad things happen in your life ? It’s for a reason, it’s a lesson. And you can feel the Tops because there are the Downs ! Nothing bad or not cool happen in your life ? So nothing good or cool will happen too !

White exist because of black. Green exist because of red. Both is a good part of the life.

It’s a bad day today ? ok ! try to fight a little bit and then take a rest. Tomorrow will be different, or after tomorrow. Shafts are the nature of the life. Bad days will not be there all the time. Good days will not be there all the time. Try to enjoy all ! Use the power of habit to create a nice life.

Do the hards work to have a easy life. Or deal with the easy work to have a hard life. My choice is done today.

You can let your brain manage your life or you can manage your life by taking control of your brain

Love you brother. Time will be help too. 2 months per year of addiction. (9 years of hard addiction)

LINK – You can change your perception

By Beast_Art