Many benefits and been enjoying life so much more the last 154 days

So, 154 Days ago I had my last fap. It’s weird to be honest, I remember where I was sat, who was in my house at the time, what video it was, the actresses in the video, even the duration of said video – down to the second (15:31 for anyone interested) I don’t think about the actual video because that’s naughty but I sure remember the details.

What an amazing journey it has been… I’ll keep this list short as possible.

Benefits I experienced:

  • My Eyes – Fuck me (not literally I’m no cheat ;)) but this is the most noticeable by far. My eyes are naturally very dark brown but now they’ve turned into a deep brown, amazing.
  • Confidence – You’ve heard it all before, yeah its true, don’t let doubters tell you it isn’t.
  • Ability to lose weight – Before I struggled to lose weight now I lose it super fast – my gym program, routine or timings haven’t changed, nore has my diet.
  • Energy – Played 2 games of football yesterday and then had a sparring match at MMA (football games 60 min each, sparring was around 30 min) – I could have NEVER done this before NoFap
  • Sexual Energy – I look at a girl and she cums herself. – Nah but seriously, I can flirt with a girl without even talking now, I know its probably wrong to say but its almost like she feels that male dominance that instinctively females look for.
  • Ability To Flirt – I can think of creative, on the spot flirts a lot faster now, before it took like 3 weeks of planning and preparation, now it’s like BANG BANG BANG, and I’ve got her number.
  • Mind Clearance – I can think a lot clearer now that I used to be able to – useful for anything in general life really.
  • Harder Dick – You knew it was coming (pun intended) – No explanation needed.
  • Last Longer – As much as people say ‘You’ll last 4 seconds in sex’ it’s not that way at all, in fact it’s the opposite. The other day me and my girlfriend (who I got the number during my journey, look at my post) were you know, doing it, I lasted longer than she did lol – we went for around 15 minutes, solid the whole time if you get me.
  • Skin Clearer – Used to be spotty asf now I have no spots at all – this could be other factors I know, but I thought I would mention it.
  • Girlfriend Complains??? – She actual says sometimes that the sex is too good, she thinks I’m getting practise elsewhere (obviously jokingly lol)
  • Spot Opportunities – Spot them a lot easier now, probably due to clearer thinking.
  • Seductive Eye Roll – For some reason, some1 please explain if they know, I can now do this weird roll thing with my eyes, my girlfriend loves it.

And Last but not least:

  • Life is just generally better – Been enjoying life so much more the last 154 days, I no longer care what others think and that seems to make me easier to get along with.

What you waiting for?

P.S. Anytime where I’ve mentioned flirting with girls has not been made up, my girlfriend allows me to flirt, she says it’s human nature, but flirting is the stopping point. (This was her idea btw. Despite this, I rarely flirt with girls anyway, I’m happy with my girl and can’t see that changing for a looong time)

LINK – My 154 Streak Benefits (GONE SEXUAL?!?!?! – issa joke) (NoFap Benefits) 

by Shepherd121