Married almost 20 years – I now know what passionate love making is


I want to make this as short and direct as possible. Married almost 20 years and have only been nofap for the past year. Even through most of my marriage I struggled with PMO. Sex was there about 2-3 times a week and I would still PMO almost daily, even the days I did get laid.

I say get laid because that’s what it was before but since nofap I now know what passionate love making is. The drive and intensity of our sex makes me wish I had practiced nofap 20 years ago. I yearn for my wife. I desire her now more than ever. And because I desire her I am a better husband, father, and man. I am careful with words. I’m slow to anger. I am patient and kind. In some part because of my desire to have her but a bigger truth is I don’t treat sex as an object of my desire anymore. I no longer self gratify and because is that I’ve learned to manage my ego and put what is important in front of myself.

But if I can be real honest- the sex is so god damn amazing now I would rather spend 1 night a week or even 1 night a month making love over the soulless release of daily PMO.

LINK – Nofap and my sex life.

by Speakthetruth2018