Married – My life has really changed in the last three months; My overall health has improved several fold

My life has really changed in the last three months!

Since I started the NoFap journey, I have…

  • been working out 1.5 hours every day (in average)
  • been taking cold showers every day
  • boosted my sex life with my wife
  • gotten better sleep
  • strengthened my discipline
  • achieved many programming goals
  • become a happier person

Challenges I have taken on NoFap is:

My overall health has improved several times and it feels really good.

My brain is making new pathways, new habits develop and so on, BUT… I am not feeling it is rewiring itself. I am getting a whole lot of new pathways but the old pathways are still there, they haven’t faded a single bit. The only thing that would be needed is to write another url in the browser and everything would be “back to normal” in a matter of seconds. All new habits would be gone, old habits in operation… it’s scary to think about how easy it would be to just erase everything I have done so far in the journey of staying away from pm. However, I am not very baffled about this: I have been doing pm from the age of 10 to the age of 35, which is over 70% of my life. I can’t expect these pathways to just disappear after three months. I am working hard to not think about my pm memories and think about my new habits instead, however, it will take much more time than three months before any old habits starts to fade away. They are still there as usual, waiting to be triggered, not going away…

That being said, I think the risk of me falling back into old habits is still big and I have to be very aware of my own limitations. In the beginning it was much harder to stay away from pm than it is right now, however, I fought very strong against it and succeeded. This improved my discipline a lot. Now it’s simpler to fight against my urges which means I don’t have to train my discipline as much. If I think I’m a new person before the old pathways are faded, the risk is that I stop training my discipline in other ways and so it will become weak again. The only thing that is needed then is a tiny trigger to set the hell loose, new habits wiped and old habits back to normal.

Having spent 25 years of developing strong habits, I think it will take 10% of that time before the habits starts fading. That is 30 months before I can expect to notice any difference at all. Happy and proud as I am of my current achievements, I am proud that I have reached 10% of that goal today.

I am going to keep fighting and improve my discipline. I am going to keep taking cold showers and work out as hard as I can. I am going to keep setting up new goals all the time so I know what to fight for. The harder I fight the stronger I will become. The stronger I am the harder I will be to kill. This is the new me. The only thing my old self can do is to hold it’s breath.

I am not giving up.

LINK – My experience after three months of no pm

by Force Majeure