Meaningful friendships/relationships, big desire to be my best self, better skin, shi wack

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okay, so, i’ll just run down some of the things i’ve noticed in these 30 days; all from a casual person’s standpoint-

  • eye contact bro oh my god this shit is insane, it just feels natural, and it’s so weird.

  • so much more motivation, and even control over stuff even if i don’t feel like it, i feel obligated because of all the energy.

  • energy, i sometimes just find myself getting up and jumping around weirdly enough, i just have a will to move.

  • way less social anxiety, and higher confidence; i made a post about this, i got myself to walk up to a female n get her snap when i literally don’t know her.

  • my friendships/relationships are actually meaningful; before they would just all be for sex, but i dropped them all and i just am out searching for real friends now, but it seems like i’m okay on my own for the most part

  • such a big desire to be my best self, diet, meditation, skin care, working out, it all came naturally and unforced.

  • my skin is better, less acne, but i’m not sure if it’s from semen retention or because i care more to take care of myself

  • my dick is mad sensitive, which i’d consider a down side, i have a habit of just keeping my hands down there when i’m sitting at my desk with no intentions of anything and sometimes i just accidentally bump it and it’s like damn that felt good, shi wack

sorry if this list was long nd uncalled for, but i don’t got any friends or anything to tell & i remember when i started, i could have used a list like this from more of a casual persons standpoint. hope this helps someone.

LINK – damn, i hit 30

By extrasadtoday