Mind is at ease, blood pressure down, less sexual frustration

Heading into year 2 of being porn free feels amazing. My mind is at ease. Less pornographic images, videos, and sounds are replaying in my mind. This puts less sexual frustration and stress on the brain from chronic masturbation. I can literally feel my brain relax. My blood pressure has decreased as well.

Also, I have removed the sexually repressed, stressed, and toxic people out my life. Much love to them. Yet, I am more sexually centered now than ever before. This means being aware of my sexual identity, possessing a level of sexual knowledge and skills, and most importantly, I can openly discuss sex however I want. Absolutely no shame in having open discussions about sex: in person, over the phone, or online. Why? Because it brings me joy and happiness. Discussing sex is an outlet to express myself. Porn used to be that outlet. But, it came with too many bad side-effects.

Nowadays, people are more welcomed to discuss sex with me. They know it comes from my heart. It is sincere. If sex talks makes certain people “uncomfortable”, then its best we remain distant from each other. We can’t be friends. I will never allow myself to be sexually sheltered or frustrated again in order to make someone else happy. NEVER! I love myself too much. This is my body, my mind, my energy, my penis, my testosterone, my heart, and my voice. I am not filtering my style through Right America, feminism, or conservative Christianity. Doing that got me in trouble in the past because it’s never enough with them. What they label as “inappropriate” is no longer apart of my love language. Many times I have tried to play the waiting game, speak indirectly, and use nonverbal communication. It doesn’t work for me. My approach is direct and straight up. That works best for me. This past year I held a courtship with a romantic partner with 0 incidents. The love was vibrant.

For years people told me being blunt and highly energetic is unattractive when dating women. They are wrong. It does work. Now, I am aware of the women who enjoy this approach. They may come few and far in between. Yet, they do exist.

From now on I am giving myself permission to live happily, and have a healthy love life. In 2019, my goal is to find a mate who genuinely accepts me as I will do the same for her.

LINK –  360+ Days NoFap. Now Heading into Year 2

By ExpressYourSex

UPDATE – Porn Free = Better Dates. Value Emotional Connection

My love life has improved significantly since dropping porn. The conversations, courtships, intimacy, romance, and attractions for women have been a breathe of fresh air. My love life has never experienced this much joy.

Right now, I am single and ready to mingle. LOL Still, I am learning to value emotional connections. We may be able to connect on other levels: socially, intellectually, and physically, but that emotional connection is everything. This means that being aware of how we feels at all times. Being emotionally connected to a woman beats being emotionally connected to porn any day. The woman can speak life into me. A woman can motivate me to succeed. The woman can give a hug and kiss. The woman and I can hold hands. The woman and I can speak on the phone. She can be there for me, as I can be there for her. Porn can never do that.

Hopefully, you can recognize the benefits in being emotionally connected to a human instead of porn. Well wishes.