Age 30 – Mood is way better! Depression isn’t totally gone, but it is a huge improvement! I’m a little more talkative and confident.

Well, after a few months of trying and failing several times, I finally have my longest streak yet of 30 days straight no PMO! I wanted to write this for anyone who can’t seem to figure out how to get this far. I want to share my benefits and any tips that I may be able to offer.

1. Whenever I started fantasizing or staring, I would tell myself: “Do you want the fantasizes or the real thing? You can’t have both.” As soon as I catch myself doing this, I know I have to stop because it is definitely going to lead to relapse.
2. I didn’t find cold showers very helpful, but cold baths definitely are! I take one most nights before bed and it really helps me relax (especially if I feel angry.)
3. Holding a bag of ice up to my “man parts” helps with urges right before bed and also during the day.
4. Forcing myself up to do something when I get urges, really helps deal with it. Don’t be lazy. Chores, walking, gym, etc. Just go do something and it will help.
5. I tried changing my life around, but it was too much to take one all at once. I may be able to do this at some point, but only after I overcome this addiction. My priority is to not PMO. There’s lots of time later to live my life, but I needed to make not PMOing my priority.

1. Mood is way better! Depression isn’t totally gone, but it is a huge improvement! I dealt with daily suicidal thoughts for many years I can’t remember the last time I thought about this!
2. Motivation is better. It use to be hard for me to hit the gym once a week, but now I’m going 3-4 times. I’m hoping to get up to 5 this week. I don’t sit around all morning anymore either, trying to force myself to do something. As soon as I get up, I start feeling good and hopeful about my day and I look for things to do!
3. I’m a little more talkative and confident. I still struggle a lot here, but it has really improved! I don’t mind “menial small talk” anymore lol.
4. Women find me more attractive. I was invisible to them before, but now I get stared down all the time. I hear more, “hellos” and “good mornings” from women as I’m getting groceries or whatever. I’ve heard of men getting approached by women and I can’t wait to see if this happens to me! It’s actually exciting to me to just talk with someone I find attractive as we get lost in each others eyes lol. No gf yet, but I’m on the right path, now.
5. I’m actually setting small goals and getting excited about my future.
6. More than anything, though, I’m really starting to feel really masculine. Like a big strong man and it feels good! I really hope this only improves.

There’s probably a lot I’ve left out, but just can’t think of, so if you have questions please ask! Anything I can do to help anyone who is where I use to be!

LINK – 30 Days Hard More( No PMO) Benefits and Tips!

by logical_chaos