Cold water kills urges, lots of improvements

In few hours, I am going to hit 30 day mark on Hardmode to be honest, 30 days didn’t feel hard at all. In fact this has been my longest yet easiest streak till date. I have done 14-day streaks twice in the last 3 years (i.e. when I discovered nofap) but they felt extremely hard.

– Clearing of Brain Fog
– More Energy
– More Peacefulness
– Better Focus
– Lesser Sleep
– Can speak much better
– Music sounds even better
– Waking up feels so easier
– No longer feel easily fatigued or weak or drained during the day

My journey’s life changing tip:
Whenever you feel an urge coming, create a new action. Repeat it many times.

In my case, I made few ice packs. Whenever I get urges, I simply slip some ice packs into my nuts. Alternatively, I take bowl of cold water and dip my nuts into it or even take a cold showers.

Once my penis gets scared of cold and the boner dies, I no longer need to exert any willpower. This approach is opposite of what I followed before. I always fought the urges mentally and then boner died. In this case, my Boner dies first which automatically makes my urges to become powerless. Therefore, I have plenty of willpower reserve left. Because I don’t use much willpower to do this, I didn’t feel any difficulty this time. It felt so easy.

Previously when I was fighting mentally not physically, Nofap felt like 10/10 difficulty. It was too overbearing. I would give up in 4-5 days max and get stuck in that small cycles.

Basically, I created a competing action to my urges.

Urges -> PMO
(Old association)

Urges -> Cold Water
(New association)

Essentially, both compete now:

Urges -> Go for cold water or PMO??
(Going for cold water weakens PMO association and makes Cold water association stronger. This is re-wiring i.e. creating a competing action and making new action strong enough to replace old action) (aka Golden Rule of Habits)

*If you are in relationship, competing action could be sex

Previously, I simply abstained from PMO, all I was doing was de-wiring i.e. I was not creating any competing action for the urges. Hence, my brain continued to believe and associate that urges means PMO

LINK – 30 Days Hardmode – One tip that helped me reach 30 days first time in 3 years

by oneaffidavit