Age 28 – PIED cured, feel like I’m the person I was always supposed to be

Alright lads. I didn’t make a 90 days success thread but here’s my 125 day thread.

I was a PMO addict, like everyone here. I went between 2012 – 2014/5ish without porn but slid back into the pit of hell. I had PIED before the period I quit in 2012 and due to liking a girl last year I decided to quit as I thought she was a keeper (we broke up, non PMO related)


All the superpowers that are spoken about on here I have; more energy, motivation, enhanced physical abilities, less emotional ups and downs, feel like I’m the person I was always supposed to be, waking up with erections, getting erections thinking about sex.


I have been trying to do this from May last year, I relapsed and fell back into hell again around July/August last year and started again in September, went over 100 days till Jan this year and relapsed and started again from Feb 1 this year and haven’t PMO’d since

I would say this is worth it, to all the guys just starting, do it. You won’t regret it. Best decision I have made in my life. I will add some things that I recommend to do while this process is happening


Start some form of exercise. I do Yoga personally and I am a tradesman so I am fairly physically active, but definitely channel this energy and transmute it into physical mass.


Start meditation, it goes hand in hand with Yoga and Bramacharya/Nofap and once you have a good streak going you will understand why. I also recommend if you are spiritually oriented to start making prayers to Archangel Michael and Archangel Jophiel, Archangel Michael will cut you lose from the demons who seek to steal your energy through PMO and Archangel Jophiel will help you become free from addiction energies. You don’t have to be Christian to believe in the Archangels, they are highly evolved cosmic beings who live to serve and are your friends in unseen realms


I strongly recommend you make sure you have good nutrition for this, try to steer away from excessively heavy/sweet foods as they will send you on an upward/downward roller coaster. Try to get a good male multivitamin as well to replenish your lost sperm nutrients. I also recommend doing a water fast once a month to let your body cannibalize all old sperm cells. I feel this helps with not having wet dreams as often. I also recommend intermittent fasting as this has had proven benefits.

Cold Showers:

Do these, they are absolutely invigorating and you will not regret them. They will make you feel like you can take on the world after you have them and will wake you up if you shower in the morning and are good to put you to sleep if you are an evening shower-er like me.


There is much knowledge out there to be obtained, much wisdom to be gained from men who have lived and died before us, your brain will have more energy at its disposal due to not losing it over pixels, why not use it to gain useful knowledge? Since reading is also good for your brain I am assuming that there is a connection between healing your brain and reading.

Dream journal:

This one may be a bit strange but hear me out. Porn takes away your ability to dream for most people who are PMO addicts, well journal your dreams. It will give you a timeline of how your dreams are returning/Dopamine pathways are healing. It will also signal to your brain that dreams are important so your brain will put extra work towards remembering them. I feel like this helps with the brain changes to the dopamine area of your brain, but since the nofap thing isn’t heavily researched I can’t really cite scientific evidence.

Stop wasting time:

Delete Facebook, Delete Tinder, Stop playing video games, stop wasting time on Reddit/4chan. Stop all unproductive interests. This is your life. Stop wasting it on worthless activities.


Get a good schedule going. Try to get up early. Sleep is essential in this. Try to sleep between 10pm and 2am as those are the times that is best for you.

Stop Making Excuses:

Just stop it. Just do it already.

Embrace the Urges:

Its the Porn pathways in your brain activating. Every time you say no to them your brain heals a little more. They aren’t bad, you just need to be stronger than them and you are stronger than them, they are your creation.

Good luck guys. We’re all gonna make it. Feel free to ask questions.

LINK – 125 Days: Success

by DoctorStrangelove