More friends, leaner, 200% funnier, unbridled curiosity

Day 323

Life feels pretty good. It’s not perfect but I really got the feeling today of moving forward, holistically improving every aspect of myself. I know that there’s ups and downs (maybe in a week I’ll be complaining a bit!) but directionally the path is up and up. I think quitting porn has been a HUGE part of unlocking other improvements in my life. Let’s see the big ones:


When I first posted, one of the things I wasn’t satisfied by was the dearth of friends in my geo. I’ve maintained some great friendships from folks living all over, but wanted to have way more friends to hang out with on a week to week basis. I am not exaggerating, but I realized earlier this month I have too many friends here! I don’t have time for all of them anymore (esp with how often I travel), so now I’m dealing with the opposite where I need to really prioritize the friendships I care about the most. Kind of crazy to get to this place, thought it would take years if ever


I’m closing in on 160lb, I’d love to get under it by end of April (158-159lb). Have a vacation coming up towards end of next week so I’m accounting for that (otherwise would target this goal by mid-April). Had an awesome workout yesterday, was completely beat but that’s how you know it was a good workout! The progress isn’t crazy fast but I’m getting there, slowly but surely. Also slowly starting to notice how just random people are treating my better as I get leaner (it’s messed up to think about, but I suppose one of those realities that we might as well get used to and work towards)


I just feel far, far better and I’m like 200% funnier than I was before. Now I don’t know how funny I am in the absolute sense, just in relation to what I used to be — which was ‘meh.’ I’m really putting way more of myself into conversations and able to connect with more people on a greater level than ever before


I’m all about trying new experiences way more than ever. Not just foods, meeting people, but seeing the world. I’ve always wanted to do it but I feel this unbridled curiosity that was kind of dampened before. I look forward to hitting more countries / towns this year and expanding my horizons

All said, things are pretty good. The healing from PMO is taking a bit longer than I thought frankly and I wish that was faster but it’s going in the right direction (if extremely circuitous). All said, this was a nice progress post on my holistic well-being. The one I’m most excited for (other than my fitness goals) is of course getting to the point of being cured from PIED with regular girls. I know I’ll get there but it might take some more time. Closing in on the 1yr mark on May 15th

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