Age 27 – Morning wood and spontaneous erections!

I was driving my car and listening to an informational video while I suddenly had a spontaneous erection happen for about 10 minutes before going back. I didn’t have any kind of sexual stimuli from thoughts or something outside. I think this is a sign that I’m finally starting to show signs of recovery. I’ve also had good morning wood more frequently!

Before all this my erections were completely gone and the only thing that could get me up was porn. My dick was otherwise as good as dead, if I tried to masturbate with just touch it wouldn’t fill with even a drop of blood.

I’m not even at 90 days but damn this feels good! So far haven’t watched any porn for more than this streak and it feels like those urges are completely gone. Although I must confess I’ve watched some lightly dressed women doing yoga on YouTube on some occasions (not with MO though).

If I only count my current streak without watching porn [it’s] roughly 70 days for me. It seems like the 90 day reboot rule is a good marker although I’m prepared to maybe need longer to be fully restored

LINK – I just had my first spontaneous erection (not morning wood)

By cimi91

Tonight we both had amazing sex and both was able to orgasm. I could have stopped if I wanted but I just had to feel how it is to ejaculate into a girl that I have feelings for and it blew my mind. I’m so happy I’ve made progress and free of ED just by taking things slow and building trust.

We already have great plans of things to do and we both love cooking food for instance. Sex is just the extra magic. I do feel just cuddling is such a great experience too.

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