My 90 day successful story – I got married on day 91

Hello fellow nofappers!

I want to start with my testimony with completing my 90 day success story.

I’ll keep this post short and straight to the point.

A little bit about me, I’m the average guy who was dealing with the struggle with PMO just like everyone else, I’m a Christian who desires to be obedient to God but fail almost every time, but I’m so glad He gives me yet another chance to make it right.

My introduction to P is the same as everyone else, started watching it at a young age, when I was 6 I glanced at it on cable in my parents bedroom when they were at work, and living room when they were asleep at night.

I first started M at 17. I have been doing it ever-since and had a major flaw on my life. I felt like an addiction that I couldn’t overcome. I felt since everyone else is doing it that it was considered ok, felt like you can go crazy for holding off on releasing, but in the end it wasn’t worth it.

What made me put an end to it was my last break up with my ex. (Lets call this ex “Apple” since there is 2 in the story). Me and Apple were sexually active. She is an ex JW so her religion was extremely strict when it came to sex, so after we met, one thing let to another 2 weeks after meeting.

About 8 months into the relationship I wanted to stop having sex due to wanting to be on the right path with God and waiting until we get married….but that didn’t fly with her. She felt rejected, felt like she was unattractive, insecure, and angry. It got so bad (Plus other reasons) that I decided to break it off, it ruined our friendship and it seemed like she lost herself in the process.

When I was lying down in my bed 4 days after the breakup I realized that I wasn’t M or watching P anymore, but I started getting urges again. So I googled how to fight the urges and that’s when I ran into this website. What I love about this site is the members and the NoFap counter, it keeps me motivated plus everyone else can see my progress, and nothing is worse than someone else seeing the counter reset to 0 days.

During the process (Around 30 days) I didn’t really experience the “superpower” but I felt alot better, more confident at work, and more energized. The effect of NoFap is to help with bettering yourself, but you still have to do your part. Example, you won’t have brain-fog anymore but you have to still step up your game to fully experience the superpower.

NoFap (35 days) I ran into my ex (Banana) we dated back in 2014 for 2 years and decided to catch up on things. She noticed a lot how different I was from the last time we seen each other and talked about why we broke it off along time ago. Time passed by (day 60 NoFap) we became closer again. She then opens up about how she feels about me and wanted to work things out and I felt the same way for her. I explained to her that Love is not a feeling but a choice, we didn’t have sex at all so I was able to understand her clearly. When you want someone without being sexually active with that person that’s Love!

I proposed to her and day 91 we were Married!

I want to say that this website has really influenced me and to help better myself. When you don’t PMO, you have a better view of women, not as sex objects, as Love is about giving, not getting.

Best love to all!

LINK – My 90 day successful story (Got Married)

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